Alfredo Ruiz Sánchez. Full Stack Developer.

Future Solutions for Present's Challenges
Robot Process Automation |Desktop applications | Web Apps | Graphic design


Impossible? What is it?

Expert in technologies, developer, graphic designer, web and hardware ...

Multidisciplinary and enterprising. In continuous training and research.

Expert in changes adapting and in alternatives searching:

Every change is an opportunity to learn, to improve and to discover new ways.

Desktop applications:

C# | Windows Form

MVC5 .Net | WCF

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

C# | Automation Anywhere

Web Apps:


ADO .Net + Web Services
WCF + Entity Framework
Java JREE + Servlets


HTML5 + AngularJs + CSS3 / Bootstrap
HTML5 + JQuery + CSS3 / Bootstrap

Graphic design:

Photoshop | InDesign
Logos | Brochures and leaflets


Apps, web sites and brochures
Spanish | English | French | Catalan